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Your posts would be a lot more interesting if you mentioned your dog's best and most furry friend. Once a paragraph should suffice.


That guy you are talking about might have been me. At least I posted similar thoughts recently. While reading your post I got the feeling you thought I (if it was me) didn't enjoy being a father that much. I really do. Turns out that despite being kind of "anti-kids" for the longest time I was born to be a dad. Fatherhood was invented for it feels like sometimes.

I would find it great to make it and see my kids have kids but I've never cared much for a really long life. I don't want to live until 110, at least that's the way I feel right now. You seem to worry about age and you're certainly not alone. I turned 40 last year and it didn't bother me one bit. Maybe it's because I'm feeling so young or perhaps I'm in denial, but the numbers don't mean a thing to me.

I agree completely with what you're saying near the end. Life isn't really that complicated, although we often make it so, and it's all about living life.
Living a quality life is important. You can be 35 and been through more than ten people in their whole lifetime.

Most people seem worried about getting older, I must bee the only one looking forward to become an old grandfather at my young age:-)

Good luck turning 40, sounds like you're a young guy who's got nothing to worry about.

(Instead of flowers I'll settle for some chocolate or a few beers :-))

Nice weekend


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